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Tips for Successful Run For Red Tab Fundraising

We know that asking people for money isn’t always easy, so here are some fun tips for reaching your fundraising goal.

1. Set up and personalize your individual fundraising page, or join a team!

Since you’ve already registered for the run, you’re ready to take the first step toward being a Fundraising Superstar: setting up a fundraising page.  Sponsors want to support YOU, so take a few minutes to upload a picture and add information about why you’re running or walking for Red Tab.  Social media sharing is built in, so you can post the link on Facebook and other platforms to let the world know you’re in for #RFRT2017. You can set an individual fundraising goal, or join a team with your colleagues to compete against other LS&Co. teams.

2. Donate to your own page

People are much more likely to donate to a fundraising page that’s already raised some cash! Remember, LS&Co. covered your registration fee, so consider donating the money you saved to your own fundraising page.

3. Reach out to your inner circle

The best place to start your fundraising efforts is with your closest family and friends.  Choose 5 of your biggest supporters and send them an email through your fundraising page – a “Sponsor Me” template can be found under the My User > Emails link once you’re logged in. For an even greater impact, share a story about one of your colleagues who the Red Tab Foundation has helped.  Donations from just a few people can start a snowball effect!

4. Create incentives for sponsors to donate 

Get creative with how you motivate people to sponsor your run.  For example, promise to send anyone who donates $25 or more a selfie from the finish line, or allow donors of $100 or more to choose a song for your running playlist.

5. Document your training on social media

Snapping a picture of your training runs is a great way to remind your social media followers that you’re training for #RFRT2015 and to sponsor you.  People are usually very happy to support you, but they need a gentle reminder once in a while to sit down and click “Donate”. Donors are also more likely to give when they realize you’re working hard for their money.

6. Demonstrate the difference donations are making

Donors need to know how their hard-earned cash is being used.  Share this video about Pamela, a South African factory worker that we helped with money from previous Run for Red Tab fundraisers.

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