LS&Co.’s Retail organization rallys for Red Tab

April 7, 2016

Red Tab Scan

As the population of Retail workers at LS&Co. grows, the Red Tab Foundation is working hard to ensure that every employee who needs help knows how to reach us. Several initiatives this spring have been aimed at raising awareness among the Retail population, and the organization has come back with strong support for our work.

February was Retail Awareness Month with the Red Tab Foundation, a time when we make sure that every employee knows how to get help if he or she needs faces an unexpected emergency.   Over the course of 3 weeks, 2,400 managers and stylists from across LSA visited RTF’s website to learn about the services we offer and how to reach us should they ever need assistance. As Red Tab supports our Retail workforce, so does the Retail organization support the Red Tab Foundation. For every employee who viewed Red Tab’s information page, the Retail organization made a donation to RTF to support our colleagues in need, totaling $3,500.

Additionally, RTF was included in the retail Field Leadership Conference for the second straight year. RTF Board Advisor, Richard Gomes, worked to secure RTF a thirty-minute time slot presenting from the main stage. Retail leaders from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil were in attendance, with translation services provided. The presentation took retail employees on a past-to-present journey through RTF history and shared details about how to apply for help and how the organization is proactively working to meet the needs of our changing workforce. Results from the RTF Savers pilot were met with enthusiastic applause and, to cap the event, the retail team surprised RTF with a $10,000 donation.

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