• A Steadfast Helping Hand

    September 28, 2017

    We call it a safety net — a place to turn if you face an unexpected financial crisis. In the past few weeks, many in our LS&Co. community have found themselves literally in the eye of the storm. Our stores in Houston, Florida and Mumbai were closed for multiple days, and several of our colleagues faced immediate and direct damages to their homes.

    The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) — funded by employee donations — has been on the front lines supporting our colleagues and helping to alleviate the impact of these storms. So far, RTF has funded hotel stays for employees whose homes were flooded, made sure that rent and utilities were paid for to compensate for unexpected storm-related expenses, and replenished food supplies after lack of power and refrigeration.

    The help that RTF is able to provide following the tumult of a disaster goes a long way. “Red Tab has been an incredible resource,” said District Manager Steve Nelson. “When RTF helped out so quickly with support, the response was disbelief.”

    But what sets RTF apart is that we’re in it for the long haul. RTF will continue to provide support long after the immediate needs of the disaster have passed. This includes stepping in to cover costs that insurance won’t — car repairs and cleaning, replacement of household goods and clothing — in addition to repairing and rebuilding homes.

    Our colleagues across the globe have been spreading the word about RTF to those in need, but if you know anyone who still needs help, please tell them to reach out via email or call 1-800-544-5498.

    The reason RTF is able to provide this lifeline of support is all thanks to donors like you. Support for Red Tab has been steadily climbing in recent years. Today, nearly 50 percent of our employees contribute to RTF. And though donations have increased, so has employee need. This year we expect to receive 35 percent more grant requests from employees than three years ago. The need and the mission of RTF has never been more relevant.

    We are especially proud of our ability and dedication to providing continuous care, but we can’t do it without each and every one of you. You can donate to RTF through payroll deduction or any number of options that will be highlighted via the annual RTF giving campaign that kicks off in a few weeks. In the meantime, know that RTF is stepping up and helping our friends and colleagues around the world who are facing real challenges behind the headlines.

  • RTF stands by during natural disasters

    September 9, 2017

    The Red Tab Foundation is standing by to assist LS&Co. employees and retirees who are impacted by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and the recent flooding in South Asia and earthquake in Mexico.

    If your physical safety is at risk, please contact AskHR between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm: 1-844-474-5384. Outside of those hours, please call 1-415-501-1234.

    If you need financial assistance for basic needs during a natural disaster and during recovery, please call the Red Tab Foundation at 1-800-544-5498.  We are here to help.

  • Kendi

    Grantee Spotlight: Kendi

    August 21, 2017

    Kendi F., Store Manager – Troutdale, Oregon

    One morning, after flying home from the Field Leadership Conference, retail store manager Kendi experienced an unusual onset of nausea and dizziness. After months of ongoing symptoms, multiple doctor’s visits, and seemingly endless tests, she was directed to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

    Kendi was diagnosed with Acute Bilateral Meniere’s disease, which causes recurrent episodes of extreme vertigo — each lasting 20 minutes to 12 hours –, confusion, and hearing loss. After several ineffective treatments and with her symptoms worsening, Kendi was given a more extreme option: surgery coupled with a device to equalize the fluid and pressure in the inner ear. The device alone cost close to $4,000 and because of the rarity of the disease, insurance would not cover the costs. Without the financial means to obtain the treatment, Kendi’s quality of life continued to suffer.

    Then, a fellow colleague who was familiar with Kendi’s situation contacted Red Tab on her behalf. A case manager reached out to Kendi, helped her complete an application, and secured the financial support she needed to restore her health.

    Now, not only is Kendi a past grantee, but she is an advocate for the Red Tab Foundation:

    “The Red Tab has given me back quality of life! I signed up for a monthly contribution as well as donating at the register and encourage everyone to give what they can. It could change your life one day!”

    With the Red Tab Foundation’s help, Kendi is back to serving customers and leading her team.

    Know someone who needs assistance? Contact us here.

    Want to support our work? Donate now!

  • Run for Red Tab 2017: A New Global Record

    May 1, 2017

    Every summer, hundreds of LS&Co. employees Run for Red Tab Foundation at races in Brussels, Cape Town, San Francisco, and Singapore. By literally pounding the pavement, this year’s participants brought in over $50,000 to provide hope for members of the LS&Co. community facing financial emergencies. And now our bottoms look that much better in a pair of 501s – fitness for a cause sure feels good. To all the runners and donors – thank you for your support!

    San Francisco’s Market Street Flagship Store Assistant Manager Victor Cerda Guzman led a team of runners from his location. He had a lot of great things to say about the experience:

    “This was my first year at Run for Red Tab, as both a participant and a team leader. I wanted the flagship store to be represented in a big way. I planned for months in advance to organize with my peers. I was in charge of motivating all the runners at our store. Instead of picking different race legs, we decided to all do the 5k together and came up with a team motto: ‘It’s not who finishes first– It’s finishing as a team that matters.’ Driven by this motto, we really enjoyed running the event together. Everyone wants do it again.

    Personally, I think the Red Tab Foundation is a great resource that LS&Co. provides to its employees. Employees helping employees is so wonderful as a concept; the fact that we have something to back us up in case anything happens. Most other companies don’t offer that kind of support structure.”

    Learn more about what kinds of unexpected emergencies are eligible for Red Tab Foundation assistance and how you can get involved.  You can also view more pictures of the Run for Red Tab San Francisco on our Facebook page.

    And remember… it’s never too early to start training for next year’s event! This is how we help each other.

  • Red Tab Foundation 2016 Annual Report

    March 29, 2017

    In 2016, the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) celebrated 35 years of providing hope, help and support to members of the Levi Strauss & Co. community.

    Over the past year, we have worked hard to build a stronger and more inclusive financial safety net for employees and retirees through our Emergency Assistance program. We placed a renewed emphasis on listening to our clients and truly understanding what they need so we can serve them more effectively. We also brought our global colleagues closer in 2016, forming new and stronger partnerships with local RTF ambassadors in more than 20 countries where employees work around the globe.

    We’re heartened by what we accomplished in 2016 and look forward to exploring how best to serve our community over the next 35 years.

    You can read more about our recent work by viewing our 2016 Annual Report.


  • Run for Red Tab 2017

    February 25, 2017


    For one day each year LS&Co. employees gather to enjoy a morning of exercise followed by sunshine, good times, and great Bloody Marys. Runners and walkers like John pound the pavement for Red Tab at the Levi’s Presidio 10 in San Francisco (April 23) and at the 20 km de Brussels (May 28). So how can you get involved?

    San Francisco

    • Register to run or walk: Sign up to run or walk the 5K, 10K or 10-mile race at the Levi’s Presidio 10. Registration is FREE for employees only using the promo code provided to your email address. Friends and family can receive 10 percent off their registration using promo code RFRT. Note: The promo code is entered in the top right corner of the pop up box that appears after you click “Register.”
    • Create a team and start fundraising: Running and fundraising are more fun with friends! Get together with your loved ones and colleagues, then register as a fundraiser. Note: Registering for the race and registering to fundraise are two different processes.
    • Sponsor a colleague: If you can’t participate in the race, you can still support the cause by sponsoring a team or individual for their run. Find a list of participants, or ask your colleagues if they’re running.


    • Email Joelle Van De Plas to sign up to run or walk the 20 km and to get details about how to involve friends and family.
    • Create a team and start fundraising: Running and fundraising are more fun with friends! Get together with your loved ones and colleagues, then register as a fundraiser. Note: Registering for the race and registering to fundraise are two different processes.
    • Sponsor a colleague: If you can’t participate in the race, you can still support the cause by sponsoring a team or individual for their run. Find a list of participants, or ask your colleagues if they’re running.
    • Questions? Email us or, if you’re at the Plaza, come visit the RTF table in the Atrium between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on April 11th, or April 12th.



  • WLT Challenge Surpasses Goal

    December 15, 2016


    The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) is inspired by all LS&Co. employees who participated in this year’s WLT Challenge, once again helping us exceed our goal by a wide margin. We are so proud to work at a company where employees truly care for one another’s well-being — every dollar donated to RTF goes directly to help employees and retirees experiencing unexpected financial emergencies.

    During this fall’s four-week campaign, 1,209 employees worldwide raised $222,000, surpassing our goal by more than $11,000. It was especially heartening to see WLT members lead by example, issuing their most ambitious challenge matches in the history of the company.

    Here are a few highlights from this year’s WLT Challenge:

    • RTF had a 35th anniversary celebration that included a “Heart to Heart” talk with Pete Haas and other board members.

    • LSA leveraged their Sales Launch to start the campaign off with a bang.

    • The Merch team organized a number of kiosk activities with a percentage of sales donated to RTF.

    • AMA hosted its second annual Run for Red Tab Singapore and raised more than $20,000, beating last year by $5,000.

    • Global Brands raised $60,000 — almost double the dollar amount brought in by any other organization.

    • In honor of RTF’s 35th anniversary, Eureka designed limited edition RTF jeans for a number of lucky raffle winners.

    • GSC finished with more donors than any other organization.

    • Corporate Affairs had 100% team participation for the second year running.

    • IT raised more than $6,000 with two awesome employee events: Oktoberfest and Diwali.

    • The Red Tab Sample Sale in San Francisco raised more than $26,000, while Creative Services, the L.A. Sales Office, Singapore, Japan and Brussels all independently organized various sales to raise more than $45,000.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign. Whether you gave via a payroll deduction or one-time donation, or volunteered your time at a sample sale or Red Tab run, you banded together with fellow members of the LS&Co. community to make this our most successful employee campaign yet.

    Making your impact go even further, in many cases donations were matched by your WLT member, the Levi Strauss Foundation and the Pete Haas & Chip Bergh $150,000 Challenge.

    We are grateful for your commitment to the Red Tab Foundation and for supporting our mission of assisting employees, retirees and their families facing unexpected emergencies.

    Did you know? As one of the earliest employee assistance funds in existence, the Red Tab Foundation has given out more than 19,000 grants totaling more than $17 million since we started in 1981.

  • Red Tab Through the Decades

    October 12, 2016



    Just like LS&Co.’s iconic products stay true to their origins while evolving to meet the needs of today’s consumers, the Red Tab Foundation’s (RTF) programming has progressed over the past 35 years to meet the changing needs of employees and retirees.

    Since the foundation was established in 1981, RTF’s core service – emergency assistance – has remained largely unchanged: When unexpected circumstances put a member of the LS&Co. community at risk of not meeting basic needs, RTF provides a grant to get the employee or retiree through the difficult time.

    In addition to this assistance, however, the Red Tab Foundation has had many other programs throughout the years that were designed to foster the well-being of our workforce. Here’s a look back at the ways employees have helped employees (and retirees) over the years.

    The 1990s: Taking preventive steps and expanding retiree assistance

    Early in the 1990s, RTF began offering preventive counseling programs on subjects such as managing finances, improving family relationships, preventing domestic abuse and building self-esteem. These programs took concrete steps to help employees and retirees prevent emergencies in the first place, expanding the work of the foundation from reactive assistance to proactive initiatives for employee well-being. On this front, RTF saw its role as a catalyst for change, piloting programs that the company could later decide to take on across the business.

    During this time, RTF also expanded its assistance to retirees by offering access to basic necessities that retirees could not afford on their fixed income. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, critical dental work, mobility aids and winter heating fuel are all crucial to quality of life for the men and women who devoted their working lives to LS&Co. These types of requests still constitute our largest category of grant spending today, and RTF remains committed to supporting the retirees who were important contributors to the company’s success.

    The 2000s: Supporting opportunities for workers and their families

    In 2005, RTF introduced a college match program to help employees prepare for their dependents’ academic expenses. The program provided a dollar-for-dollar match when employees contributed to their children’s college savings accounts, helping employees create a brighter future for their children and grandchildren. The program was also designed to help employees establish asset-building behaviors that could be translated to other areas of their lives.

    RTF also took over a program initiated by the Levi Strauss Foundation that granted scholarships for the dependents of employees. Since 2008, Red Tab Scholars has disbursed more than $1.8 million to over 480 students in more than 17 countries, helping them create opportunities for their future.

    2010 and beyond: Helping employees build better financial futures

    Starting in 2010, RTF adapted its programs to meet the needs of a diverse retail workforce in addition to those of our manufacturing and distribution center employees. Following in the footsteps of the college match program, but providing more flexibility, RTF launched a pilot of Red Tab Savers in early 2015. In partnership with esteemed Bay Area nonprofit EARN, RTF became the first employer to launch a tailored matched-savings program through EARN’s online asset-building platform.

    Red Tab Savers helps retail and distribution center employees in the U.S. build savings toward a goal of their choice — whether education, emergency savings or anything else. In turn, RTF matches their savings for six months, reinforcing these saving behaviors and providing employees with a new set of financial management skills. Initial results from the program have been thrilling, and RTF is leading the way for many other employers exploring ways to help their workforce create a better financial future.

    Just like LS&Co., the heritage of the Red Tab Foundation is rooted in values. The times have changed, the garments have changed and the people who make up the company have changed, but the values of empathy, courage, integrity and originality have remained the same. The impact of RTF on the lives on employees is direct and sizable: In the last 35 years nearly 19,000 grants totaling more than $17 million in direct aid have helped members of the LS&Co. community get back on their feet after financial emergencies. Today’s employees are supporting this work with their time, energy and money at a higher rate than ever before in the foundation’s history, allowing us to keep the spirit of “employees helping employees” alive and well for years to come.

  • Carrie Ask Joins the Red Tab Foundation Board

    August 25, 2016


    Today, the Red Tab Foundation announced that Carrie Ask, executive vice president and president, Global Retail has joined the Red Tab Foundation Board of Directors. In this role, Carrie will bring expertise and insight into the Global Retail population. This is critical as the Red Tab Foundation continues to shift its strategy and focus more toward the retail population (who make up approximately 50% of our total LS&Co. headcount).

    “I’m proud to be at a company where we value our current and retired workers so deeply, and that’s why I’ve chosen to get more involved in the Red Tab Foundation,” said Carrie. “One of the reasons I joined LS&Co. was the company’s rich heritage and strong values. Empathy is critical to being a successful retailer and something we should practice every day – walking a mile in the shoes of the consumer and those of our amazing store teams.”

    Since its inception in 1981, the Red Tab Foundation has helped support both employees and retirees in need. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Red Tab Foundation and the services it provides. Over the coming months, we will celebrate this anniversary through a variety of activities, culminating in with 35 days of Red Tab in October. Keep an eye on Threads or follow the Red Tab Foundation on Facebook to find out more info.

    For more information on the Red Tab Foundation Board of Directors, click here:

  • San Francisco and Brussels pound the pavement to support Red Tab

    May 20, 2016


    Who runs the world? Red Tab Foundation supporters, of course! This year, employees, retirees, friends, and family of LS&Co. will raise money for the Red Tab Foundation at Run for Red Tab races across five global locations.

    San Francisco started the relay on April 17th at the Levi’s Presidio 10, logging 1,270 miles – the equivalent of walking to Levi’s Plaza from Embarcadero BART at the beginning and end of each day for more than two years!   These participants raised almost $14,000 in the lead up to the race, with the Northern California Retail team raising the top amount at $2,370. Team Captain and NorCal District Manager Marcos Lopez said:

    “Embracing the Red Tab Foundation with my team has helped improve engagement and rallying my team to support has really brought us closer together.”

    Alongside these all-star fundraisers were countless other LS&Co. employees worth cheering for, including the E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator who won the 10 Mile race, Herald Alvarez. He said of the experience,

    As a new employee, I wanted to participate in Run for Red Tab to meet new teammates and get a first impression of how Levi’s shows up in our San Francisco Community. It wasn’t until that Friday before the race that I learned more of Red Tab Foundation and its objective in helping current & former LS&Co. employees with unexpected situations. I’m so proud to be an employee of a company truly embracing its employees in ALL avenues. 

    Winning the race was surreal! Honestly though, [it] was only fun because I got to meet tons of teammates after and feel part of the LS&Co. Family!”

    Also in attendance were descendants of RTF’s founder, Jerry O’Shea, and former Red Tab grant recipient and Plaza employee, Susan Jayubo, who finished the 5K without her cane for the first time since having an aneurism in 2012. Susan is truly an inspiration and one of RTF’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Check out more photos of Run for Red Tab San Francisco on the Red Tab Foundation’s Facebook page.

    Up next is Run for Red Tab Brussels, where 23 colleagues from the Netherlands, UK, and France will take a 20-kilometer tour through the city, followed by races in New York, Singapore, and South Africa later this year. Sponsor a Brussels runner by May 29th to become part of Red Tab’s global community of supporters, or let us know if you’d like to host a race in your city.

    The funds raised during Run for Red Tab races help RTF provide critical services for employees and retirees, such as car repair for a retail employee following a flood, scholarships for children of our factory workers in South Africa, and hearing aids for a retired sewing machine operator so she can hear her great-grandchildren play. Participants and donors to these global races truly give new meaning to the term “high-impact exercise”. Thank you for supporting the Red Tab Foundation – this is how we help each other.

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