• Carrie Ask Joins the Red Tab Foundation Board

    August 25, 2016


    Today, the Red Tab Foundation announced that Carrie Ask, executive vice president and president, Global Retail has joined the Red Tab Foundation Board of Directors. In this role, Carrie will bring expertise and insight into the Global Retail population. This is critical as the Red Tab Foundation continues to shift its strategy and focus more toward the retail population (who make up approximately 50% of our total LS&Co. headcount).

    “I’m proud to be at a company where we value our current and retired workers so deeply, and that’s why I’ve chosen to get more involved in the Red Tab Foundation,” said Carrie. “One of the reasons I joined LS&Co. was the company’s rich heritage and strong values. Empathy is critical to being a successful retailer and something we should practice every day – walking a mile in the shoes of the consumer and those of our amazing store teams.”

    Since its inception in 1981, the Red Tab Foundation has helped support both employees and retirees in need. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Red Tab Foundation and the services it provides. Over the coming months, we will celebrate this anniversary through a variety of activities, culminating in with 35 days of Red Tab in October. Keep an eye on Threads or follow the Red Tab Foundation on Facebook to find out more info.

    For more information on the Red Tab Foundation Board of Directors, click here:

  • San Francisco and Brussels pound the pavement to support Red Tab

    May 20, 2016


    Who runs the world? Red Tab Foundation supporters, of course! This year, employees, retirees, friends, and family of LS&Co. will raise money for the Red Tab Foundation at Run for Red Tab races across five global locations.

    San Francisco started the relay on April 17th at the Levi’s Presidio 10, logging 1,270 miles – the equivalent of walking to Levi’s Plaza from Embarcadero BART at the beginning and end of each day for more than two years!   These participants raised almost $14,000 in the lead up to the race, with the Northern California Retail team raising the top amount at $2,370. Team Captain and NorCal District Manager Marcos Lopez said:

    “Embracing the Red Tab Foundation with my team has helped improve engagement and rallying my team to support has really brought us closer together.”

    Alongside these all-star fundraisers were countless other LS&Co. employees worth cheering for, including the E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator who won the 10 Mile race, Herald Alvarez. He said of the experience,

    As a new employee, I wanted to participate in Run for Red Tab to meet new teammates and get a first impression of how Levi’s shows up in our San Francisco Community. It wasn’t until that Friday before the race that I learned more of Red Tab Foundation and its objective in helping current & former LS&Co. employees with unexpected situations. I’m so proud to be an employee of a company truly embracing its employees in ALL avenues. 

    Winning the race was surreal! Honestly though, [it] was only fun because I got to meet tons of teammates after and feel part of the LS&Co. Family!”

    Also in attendance were descendants of RTF’s founder, Jerry O’Shea, and former Red Tab grant recipient and Plaza employee, Susan Jayubo, who finished the 5K without her cane for the first time since having an aneurism in 2012. Susan is truly an inspiration and one of RTF’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Check out more photos of Run for Red Tab San Francisco on the Red Tab Foundation’s Facebook page.

    Up next is Run for Red Tab Brussels, where 23 colleagues from the Netherlands, UK, and France will take a 20-kilometer tour through the city, followed by races in New York, Singapore, and South Africa later this year. Sponsor a Brussels runner by May 29th to become part of Red Tab’s global community of supporters, or let us know if you’d like to host a race in your city.

    The funds raised during Run for Red Tab races help RTF provide critical services for employees and retirees, such as car repair for a retail employee following a flood, scholarships for children of our factory workers in South Africa, and hearing aids for a retired sewing machine operator so she can hear her great-grandchildren play. Participants and donors to these global races truly give new meaning to the term “high-impact exercise”. Thank you for supporting the Red Tab Foundation – this is how we help each other.

  • LS&Co.’s Retail organization rallys for Red Tab

    April 7, 2016

    Red Tab Scan

    As the population of Retail workers at LS&Co. grows, the Red Tab Foundation is working hard to ensure that every employee who needs help knows how to reach us. Several initiatives this spring have been aimed at raising awareness among the Retail population, and the organization has come back with strong support for our work.

    February was Retail Awareness Month with the Red Tab Foundation, a time when we make sure that every employee knows how to get help if he or she needs faces an unexpected emergency.   Over the course of 3 weeks, 2,400 managers and stylists from across LSA visited RTF’s website to learn about the services we offer and how to reach us should they ever need assistance. As Red Tab supports our Retail workforce, so does the Retail organization support the Red Tab Foundation. For every employee who viewed Red Tab’s information page, the Retail organization made a donation to RTF to support our colleagues in need, totaling $3,500.

    Additionally, RTF was included in the retail Field Leadership Conference for the second straight year. RTF Board Advisor, Richard Gomes, worked to secure RTF a thirty-minute time slot presenting from the main stage. Retail leaders from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil were in attendance, with translation services provided. The presentation took retail employees on a past-to-present journey through RTF history and shared details about how to apply for help and how the organization is proactively working to meet the needs of our changing workforce. Results from the RTF Savers pilot were met with enthusiastic applause and, to cap the event, the retail team surprised RTF with a $10,000 donation.

  • Run for Red Tab 2016 is here!

    March 15, 2016

    At LS&Co., we go the extra mile for our colleagues all the time – metaphorically, at least. But once a year, at Run for Red Tab, we have the opportunity to actually log some miles in support of LS&Co. family members in need.   This year, runners and walkers like John will pound the pavement to support the Red Tab Foundation on April 17th at the Levi’s Presidio 10 in San Francisco and on May 29th at the 20 km de Brussels.   So how can you get involved?

    San Francisco:

    Register to Run or Walk:  Sign up here to run or walk the 5K, 10K or 10 mile race at the Levi’s Presidio 10. Registration is FREE for employees only using the promo code found here and your email address.  Friends and family also receive 10% off their registration using this promo codeClick here for more details about how to register.

    Create a team and start fundraising: Running and fundraising are more fun with friends! Click links below to get started and help us reach our fundraising goals!

    Sponsor a colleague: If you can’t participate in the race, you can still support the cause by sponsoring a team or individual for their run. Find a list of participants, or ask your colleagues to find out who is running.



    Register to Run or Walk:   Email Joelle Van De Plas to sign up to run or walk the 20 km and for details about how to involve friends & family.

    Create a team and start fundraising: Running and fundraising are more fun with friends! Click links below to get started and help us reach our fundraising goals!

    Sponsor a colleague: If you can’t participate in the race, you can still support the cause by sponsoring a team or individual for their run. Find a list of participants, or ask your colleagues to find out who is running.

  • LS&Co. Leaders take their giving from “Good to Great”

    March 14, 2016

    LS&Co. Leadership Summit 2016-417

    At Levi Strauss & Co., we believe in leading by example, and that’s especially true when it comes to supporting the Red Tab Foundation.   Over three days in early March, more than 150 business leaders from across the globe convened in San Francisco to develop their capacity for taking the company from “Good to Great” while upholding LS&Co.’s Profits Through Principles legacy of leadership. The summit provided both a platform for education about RTF and an opportunity for leaders to support our work. RTF was featured in a leader workbook with “Did You Know” information sections calling out facts about RTF. Employees are usually the first to know if someone on their team is in distress and it’s critical that everyone knows how to contact RTF in case of emergency. To that end, an entire section of the workbook was devoted to how to best activate for RTF after the summit, with suggestions on how to involve teams and our contact information.

    Perhaps most impressive, though, leaders responded with great enthusiasm to CEO Chip Bergh’s challenge to give and his commitment to match their donations up to $35,000. In just 48 hours, leaders at LS&Co. donated $46,000 to the Red Tab Foundation, and Chip went above and beyond his pledge to match the total amount. These leaders set a high bar for giving, inspiring employees across the business – and the globe – to do the same.

  • Gratitude from our Grantees

    February 20, 2016

    The staff of the Red Tab Foundation is lucky to have the opportunity to directly see and hear the positive impact of our work on a daily base.   However, our work would not be possible without you, our donors, so we want to share that gratitude with you.


    “To whom this may concern:

    It gives me immense pleasure to write this note to thank you for the greatness you have shown me during my time of need. Your support and the contribution you have made have helped me and my family tremendously, and for that I will forever be grateful. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis. Your daily inquiries let us know how much you cared.”  – Employee, South Africa


    “I just wanted to say, from a new Store Manager with the company, only a little over a month being employed, seeing things like this and the arms being wrapped around her from the program, I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart. I’ve also personally been through a lot in my life and I can’t tell you how much of a blessing this program could have been to me.  If nothing more, just knowing someone is there. When I decided to become an employee of this brand, it was solely to represent the leading retailer and innovator of denim.  I had no idea then, what I was getting myself into.  The generosity of this company is second to none. And I just want you to know, it makes me so proud to wake up every morning and put my Levi’s on. Because I know I’m wearing something that represents compassion.” – Retail manager whose employee received assistance, United States


    “I can’t explain in words how grateful my family is of Levi’s and the Red Tab Foundation. For a company to actually have a foundation to provide financial assistance for their employees and retirees is unheard of. I will never forget how the company I work for helped me financially for something that doesn’t pertain to my job. This is the ultimate proof that Levi’s cares for their employees. We are family, not co-workers. That’s how I live my work life every day. Levi’s is my family and I look forward to many more years with them.” – Store Manager who received assistance, United States


  • RTF All Stars

    February 12, 2016


    Through the Red Tab Foundation, we bring our LS&Co. value of empathy to life by supporting our colleagues during difficult times. A large portion of our workforce rises to meet that challenge throughout the year with their financial support, donating to our employee campaign, team challenges and Run for Red Tab, among other events. We’re incredibly thankful for our donors — they make our work possible.

    Beyond donations, we’re also incredibly thankful for business partners who dedicate their time and resources to support the Red Tab Foundation and wanted to highlight a few of our recent all-star supporters here, with gratitude:

    image5When Will Yandell was an intern, he was inspired by the story of a factory worker in Poland who received help from the Red Tab Foundation. Years later, as a full-time employee, Will and Josh Farrell advocated for the Collections team (premium, Skate and Commuter) to hold a sample sale at the Plaza this fall, with the proceeds benefitting the Red Tab Foundation. The entire team put in long hours together tagging and hanging product in order to make the event possible.

    “This willingness to help and overall ethical way of working is one of the primary reasons I wanted to come work for Levi’s, and I couldn’t think of a better way to get involved directly than to set up a fundraiser,” Will said.

    The team’s hard work raised nearly $15,000 in just a few hours, which will support LS&Co. employees and retirees facing a financial emergency.

    image1[1]For Gregory Gordon and Isaac Starr of the Creative Services team, one person’s trash was another one’s treasure and a fundraiser for RTF. In the past year, they’ve held several sales of retail store décor elements that were cluttering up their storage closet and have donated more than $10,000 to the Red Tab Foundation.

    In addition to these unique product sales, business units have also given their time to generate support for the Red Tab Foundation. During the Upper Field Leadership Conference, the Retail organization doubled their impact by helping RTF process an outreach mailing to retirees, generating a $3,000 team grant for the volunteer activity.

    We’re so thankful for the creative and dedicated partners we have throughout the business. Have an idea for how your group can help RTF? Email us! This is how we help each other.

  • Singapore Runs for Red Tab

    December 15, 2015


    Last month, more than 60 LS&Co. employees from AMA headquarters in Singapore, along with their friends and family members, laced up their shoelaces to participate in the Santa Run for Wishes at Sentosa Island.

    The team raised US$15,570.50, which, after it’s matched by the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge and the Levi Strauss Foundation, will make a total of US$46,711.50 raised for the Red Tab Foundation!

    Employees and their families ran or walked the 5-kilometer track in their Santa suits, all to support colleagues and retirees facing financial difficulties.

    “It was a great initiative to be able to have friends and family members join employees in the Santa Run for the first time,” said Tina Lee, who was the first woman from our team to cross the finishing line. “We not only raised more than our fundraising target of US$15,000 for the Red Tab Foundation, but we also raised awareness for this important service. There was so much fun, food and laughter for everyone that we are keen to do it again next year.”

    The weeks leading up to the run saw a series of communications and fundraising activities to raise awareness for the foundation, including a raffle and an ecommerce sample sale, with proceeds donated to the run. The rest came from generous cash donations from colleagues in the office and across the globe, as well as friends and families of the runners.

    Thank you to the runners, fundraisers, sponsors and all those who donated to Run for Red Tab Singapore. Your support is much appreciated.

    This is how we help each other.

  • RTF Employee Campaign Kicks Off Today!

    October 12, 2015


    The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) is one of the ways that LS&Co.’s values — particularly empathy — come to life. Day in and day out, RTF provides emergency financial aid to our colleagues during their times of crisis, whether factory workers in South Africa or retail stylists in Texas like Madeleine. (Find out more about their stories by watching the video).

    Today marks the beginning of the Red Tab Foundation Employee Campaign — the perfect opportunity to step up and do your part to support RTF’s mission of employees helping employees. Your WLT member will be issuing a challenge match to your team — which, combined with the continuation of the Pete Haas & Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge, means that for every $1 you donate, up to $4 goes to employees in need.
    As an added bonus, we’re raffling off two gift cards per team each week of the campaign, as well as a grand prize pair of tickets to a 49ers game for S.F.-based employees.
    So how can you get involved? There are two simple ways:
    1. Make a one-time donation.
    2. Sign up for payroll deduction (U.S. employees only).

    Last year we had the the most employee donations in the history of the Red Tab Foundation. Let’s continue that momentum and make a greater impact than ever before. Your contribution supports a cause important to the employee in the chair next to you, and the one on the other side of the world.
    We are the Red Tab Foundation, and this is how we help each other.

  • An LS&Co. Reunion

    September 11, 2015

    Scoreboard Small
    Here at LS&Co., our heritage is part of what makes us who we are. You can see it every day — whether it’s the way Levi Strauss’ legacy of giving back continues to shape our profits through principles approach, or, quite literally, in the LS&Co. Archives at the Plaza. But we mustn’t forget about the living pieces of LS&Co.’s history — the company’s former leaders and employees, who made LS&Co. the company that it is today.

    On August 24, at an LS&Co. Reunion Dinner hosted by the Red Tab Foundation, more than 60 current leaders and LS&Co. alums gathered at AT&T Park to celebrate the past and present of the company, and to catch a glimpse of the future. Set against the backdrop of Levi’s® Landing and Dockers® Deck, with an LS&Co. sizzle reel on the scoreboard, the event captured the spirit and energy that is the common thread of the company’s past and present.

    Former colleagues caught up on each other’s retirement activities, and current staff chatted with those who filled their role at the company in years past. Most of the retirees in attendance spent more than 20 years at LS&Co., serving in varied roles and locations across the globe. The dinner was also attended by family members of Jerry O’Shea, a former LS&Co. marketing executive who founded the Red Tab Foundation.

    Anne Rohosy, James Curleigh and Lisa Collier presented a compelling business update, and the WLT expertly fielded insightful questions from this highly engaged audience. Their presentation honored the past of the company, highlighted the exciting innovations that are currently in motion and provided a sneak peek on how the best is yet to come.
    Anne, along with Bob Haas and Pete Haas, spoke movingly about the role that giving back has played in the company’s success and in their personal fulfillment as employees. In addition to providing time to meet, share and reminisce, the Reunion Dinner continued this philanthropic legacy: All proceeds went to help the Red Tab Foundation’s mission of providing a financial safety net to employees and retirees who are facing unexpected emergencies.

    You can view more photos of the event on the Red Tab Foundation’s Facebook page. To become part of LS&Co.’s legacy of giving back, donate to the Red Tab Foundation today.

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