• UFLC Gives Back!

    August 27, 2015


    Last night, district managers and other Retail leadership from across the country gave back to the Red Tab Foundation at the Upper Field Leadership Conference. They dedicated their hands and energy to prepare an outreach mailing for thousands of LS&Co. retirees to remind them that the Red Tab Foundation is here to provide a financial safety net. Thanks to the Retail team for their strong support!
    “It felt great to support efforts to reach past employees knowing how much support was given to to assist current employees in my market, most recently in San Marcos floods.”

    – Steve A., District Manager, Texas

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    Want to help? Donate and get more information about volunteering.

  • Jerry’s Story

    July 10, 2015

    Jerry Stock Room

    After 42 years at LS&Co., Jerry O’Shea founded the Red Tab Foundation to give back

    The story of Levi Strauss & Co. is one of innovation and the pioneering spirit, set against a backdrop of a proud heritage that dates back to Levi Strauss himself. This story finds expression not only in denim and khaki, but also in a spirit of giving back that is as strong today as it ever was. One of the innovative ways LS&Co. gives back is the Red Tab Foundation. For more than 30 years, the organization has been a unique resource for our company’s employees and retirees facing unexpected financial emergencies.

    The foundation’s story begins at the end of one pioneering man’s storied career. Gerald O’Shea — Jerry to his family and friends — started in the stock room, finished in the boardroom, and never, for a moment, lost sight of who he was and where he came from.

    Watch this video to learn more about Jerry’s story and his legacy of giving back:

    Billboard Capture Play

    In remembering Jerry O’Shea and the impetus for the Haas family’s commitment to the Red Tab Foundation, Peter Haas Sr. said, simply, “It has been a custom in the company to look out for people.” Jerry’s legacy has been carried on by the generous support of the Haas family, LS&Co. leaders, employees and retirees of the company.



  • The Red Tab Foundation welcomes four new members to its Board of Directors

    May 28, 2015

    New Board Collage

    The Red Tab Foundation relies heavily on its Board of Directors to provide guidance, inspiration and expertise as we pursue our mission of supporting LS&Co. employees and volunteers who are facing financial emergencies. We’re ever thankful for the time, energy, and resources our board dedicates to our work, and we’re thrilled to welcome four new members of our Board team.

    Elizabeth Wood is our newest Board Director. Elizabeth joined LS&Co. in November as interim lead of Human Resources, and has just agreed to serve as LS&Co’s permanent Chief Human Resources Officer. In addition to her human resources expertise Elizabeth brings a wealth of non-profit board experience to the Red Tab Foundation. She served on the boards of the Warnaco Foundation and ToysRUs Children’s Fund, and was involved in philanthropic grant-giving and fundraising for those organizations. She also serves on the non-profit boards of operational charities in New York like Madison Square Boys and Girls Clubs and Volunteers of America (providing homeless services).

    Kim Almeida is one of our new Board Advisors. Kim brings expertise in corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and international development. She joined the Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF) in 2012, where she oversees the foundation’s grant portfolio in the Americas and Europe. In this role she has been instrumental in the rollout of Levi Strauss & Co.’s Improving Worker Wellbeing initiative, which aims to improve apparel workers’ lives through partnerships with the Company’s vendors and community partners. Kim leads the initiative’s impact measurement activities.

    Richard Gomes has been a key partner of the Red Tab Foundation for several years, and is another of our new Board Advisors. Through lively and engaging online outreach to retail managers, Richard, Director of Retail Communications & Training for LSA, has been instrumental in lifting awareness of the Red Tab Foundation each year. Our growing presence and name recognition with retail is due to his partnership, commitment and dedication. We truly would not have the awareness level we have without Richard’s expert suggestions and his personal efforts. Throughout his career, Richard has volunteered with various organizations including the Starlight Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

    Hillary Weingast, LS&Co. Chief Counsel, has agreed to serve as the Red Tab Foundation’s Legal Advisor. Hillary most recently helped RTF with the EARN contract and has a lot of heart for the foundation and the work we do. She’s energetic and bright, and a committed donor. Hillary understands the unique relationship between LS&Co. and RTF, and has impressed us with her commitment to delivering on promises to RTF, keeping our needs at the forefront while still protecting LS&Co. employees’ interests.
    DonateOur work is funded by the generosity of employees and retirees worldwide, descendants of Levi Strauss and other company shareholders. Although we receive some help from Levi Strauss & Co., as a nonprofit the Red Tab Foundation is primarily supported by donations from individuals. And that’s where you come in. Your gift helps the Red Tab Foundation alleviate worry and provide hope to a co-worker or retiree facing an unexpected emergency. This is how we help each other.

  • LS&Co. S.F. Works It Out for RTF

    April 24, 2015

    When it comes to empathy, integrity and courage, Levi Strauss & Co. employees don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk — or run the run, rather. On a sunny spring morning in April, more than 240 LS&Co. employees, friends and family members came together at the seventh annual Run for Red Tab San Francisco to break a sweat and raise funds for the Red Tab Foundation, LS&Co’s 33-year old employee assistance fund.

    This year’s race raised almost $23,000, which the Red Tab Foundation will distribute to LS&Co. employees and retirees around the globe who are facing financial emergencies.  Founded by former LS&Co. executive Jerry O’Shea, the Red Tab Foundation provides a financial and emotional safety net to retirees and employees facing unplanned emergencies and is one of the key ways that LS&Co. employees support each other.

    In addition to raising money for the Red Tab Foundation, our annual race gives employees a chance to connect outside of work for good health and a good cause.

    Employees and friends walked or ran 5K, 10K or 10 miles around Crissy Field and across the Golden Gate Bridge, then ate and celebrated against the beautiful backdrop of the San Francisco skyline.

    In the weeks before the Run for Red Tab, business units at Levi’s Plaza and retail stores from across Northern California formed teams to train and fundraise, creating a weekly running tradition among our employees that continues even after race day.

    This year’s Run for Red Tab was held at the Levi’s Presidio 10, an annual charity race hosted by The Guardsmen. A well-known and respected non-profit organization in San Francisco, The Guardsmen sends at-risk Bay Area youth to outdoor education programs and provides scholarships to some of the Bay Area’s best schools. We were proud to partner with the Guardsmen, providing support through the Levi’s brand sponsorship of the race and by donating registration fees brought in by Run for Red Tab participants to the organization.

    Building on the great turnout in San Francisco, LS&Co. employees from Brussels will be running for Red Tab in May at the 20 km de Bruxelles, followed by runs in Singapore and several other global locations throughout the year.

  • Go the Extra Mile for a Great Cause: Run for Red Tab SF 2015

    March 18, 2015

    RFRT Poster Cropped

    How are more than 130 LS&Co. employees, like John in San Francisco, breaking a sweat in support of their fellow LS&Co. employees and retirees?

    They’re participating in Run for Red Tab San Francisco at the Levi’s® Presidio 10 on Sunday, April 12. We’re 14 percent of the way to our goal of raising $25,000, and with less than a month until race day, there’s never been a better time for you to help us reach our goal. Take the next step as part of #RFRT2015:

    • Work it out on race day: Claim your FREE entry to walk or run 5K, 10K or 10 miles along one of the world’s most scenic race routes in the Presidio and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just use your email address and the Promo Code LeviStrauss2015 when you register. Friends and family can also get 5 percent off with promo code
    • Sprint to the donation page: Even if you’re not planning to run or walk, you can still exercise the spirit of giving by donating to a team, sponsoring a runner or giving directly to RTF.
    • Flex your fundraising muscles: Once you’re signed up to run, create a personal fundraising page, set a fundraising goal and use our fundraising resources to climb to the top of our fundraising list and win prizes.
    • Stretch your workouts further: Participating in #RFRT2015 also makes your pocketbook healthier — earn 100 live wellth points toward your 2016 Annual Wellness Credit by participating in the “Race for a Reason challenge.”

    Did you know?

    There has never been a better time to get involved thanks to the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge. All of the money raised for #RFRT2015 will go directly to LS&Co. employees and retirees who are facing emergency financial situations, like Susan, who will join us on race day! Here’s the difference your donations are making in the lives of these employees and retirees:

    • $75 buys school books for the child of an employee in South Africa
    • $150 pays for a pair of eyeglasses for a retiree on a fixed income
    • $200 helps an employee experiencing a medical emergency keep food on the table

    Not in the Bay Area?

    LS&Co. employees in Brussels are holding their Run for Red Tab on May 31, and we’d like to hold #RFRT2015 runs across the world! If you’d like help coordinating a run for your office, email us!

  • Calling All Runners!

    February 11, 2015

    SF Group

    Run for Red Tab is back again!

    The Red Tab Foundation is seeking Bay Area runners, walkers, volunteers and supporters to make the seventh annual Run for Red Tab (RFRT) in San Francisco our most successful fundraiser yet. On Sunday, April 12, LS&Co. employees, friends and family will join the Levi’s® Presidio 10 to run or walk in support of the Red Tab Foundation. Join us for a fun-filled day of fitness, friends, food and drinks in the beautiful San Francisco Presidio.

    RFRT raises tens of thousands of dollars each year, 100 percent of which goes directly to members of the LS&Co. family who are in need of emergency financial support. Last year, 148 runners and walkers raised nearly $20,000 for the cause, and with the help of colleagues like John, this year we’re aiming for $25,000.

    How can I get involved?

    Whether you’re a passionate runner or an enthusiastic supporter, there are a number of ways to get involved in RFRT.  Here’s how:

    • Enter the Race and Raise Funds: LS&Co. will cover the entry fee for any employee who registers to run or walk the 5K, 10K or 10 mile race. Just register for the race using the promotion code LeviStrauss2015 and your LS&Co email address. What to do with the cash you save? Use it to kick-start your fundraising, and invite your friends and family to sponsor your run. You can fundraise on your own, or join a team of colleagues to reach a collective goal. Top fundraisers will earn prizes, swag and lots of warm, fuzzy feelings. You can earn points toward your annual wellness credit by logging your Run for Red Tab participation in the “Race for a Reason 2” Wellth Challenge, available March 22.
      Want to run with a friend? Family and friends can receive 5% off their registration fee and access to our VIP tent when they register through this link using Promo Code RFRT .Register now and begin fundraising.
    • Sponsor a Runner: If you’re not planning to enter the race but still want to give back, you can sponsor one of your friends or co-workers. Find their fundraising page here and help them win prizes. Or, donate directly to the Red Tab Foundation.
    • Volunteer and Cheer on Race Day: Every team needs a strong set of cheerleaders and helping hands. If you’re interested in helping with race day logistics or coming out to root on Red Tab runners, email us. Signs and smiles are most definitely welcome.

    Not in the Bay Area?

    Teams from several LS&Co. offices worldwide held Runs for Red Tab in their respective cities last year. If you’d like help coordinating a run for your office, email us. If strapping on your running shoes isn’t in the cards, you can always sponsor a colleague joining the RFRT in S.F. or any other participating city!

    Did you know?

    There has never been a better time to get involved thanks to the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge. For every $1 you raise, up to $4 in direct aid will go to a colleague in need. By participating in the RFRT, you’re contributing to a cause important to the employee in the chair next to you and one on the other side of the world.

  • Your Help Makes a Difference

    January 20, 2015

    150120_RTFNo LS&Co. employee or retiree should be without a financial safety net, and that’s where the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) comes in. RTF is dedicated to alleviating financial hardship and enhancing economic self-sufficiency for our LS&Co. family across the globe. At the heart of RTF is employees helping employees. One grantee, Susan, had this to say about what that help means to her:

    It’s not just a place you go to work anymore for me; it’s a place where you have friendships and support that are with you for a lifetime.

    Stories like these are possible because of you. At the start of 2014, only 12 percent of employees were donating to the Red Tab Foundation. Thanks to an extraordinary effort from all of you over the last year we’re now up to 43 percent companywide.

    We hope that by now you’ve heard about the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge. For every $1 you donate, up to $4 will go directly back to our colleagues in need around the globe. Want to help?

    Thank you to all the employees who made such a big difference in 2014. You’re contributing to a cause important to the employee in the chair next to you, and the one on the other side of the world.

    Did you know? The Red Tab Foundation is one of two foundations at Levi Strauss & Co. The Red Tab Foundation helps employees and retirees who face unexpected financial emergencies. The Levi Strauss Foundation strengthens communities where employees and factory workers live and work. Both help bring our company values to life. Read more here.

  • The $150,000 Red Tab Challenge

    September 29, 2014

    Every year, the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) helps 1,000 individuals with financial assistance during emergency situations. What if you were one of the 1,000 who needed aid?  At LS&Co. we believe that no employee or retiree should be without a financial safety net, and that’s where the Red Tab Foundation comes in. RTF supports co-workers and retirees in times of need, disbursing $1 million USD annually around the globe.

    RTF’s employee giving campaign kicks off today, and your participation helps the Red Tab Foundation provide hope to a fellow co-worker or retiree facing difficult times.

    This year, we’re excited to announce that you can quadruple the impact of your donation thanks to the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge. This dollar-for-dollar match, in combination with the $100,000 that the Levi Strauss Foundation matches every year, plus a match from each WLT member to their teams, means that for every $1 you donate, up to $4 goes to direct aid for employees and retirees around the world!








    There are two simple ways to get involved:

    Make a one-time donation.
    Sign up for recurring payroll deduction (U.S. only), and be sure to email Alexis Bechtol so your participation is accurately captured. If you are already contributing via payroll deduction, you’re all set — you don’t need to do anything else.
    By participating in this challenge, you’re contributing to a cause important to the employee in the chair next to you, and the one on the other side of the world.

    Watch this video message from Anne to see why it’s so important to get involved.

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    September 3, 2014

    At their Leading for Performance meeting in July, 25 LSA upper field leaders got together to give back to a cause close to their hearts: the Red Tab Foundation.

    In just two hours, the district managers contributed to RTF’s mission by collating and stuffing 3,000 envelopes to be mailed to LS&Co. retirees across the United States.

    Southwest District Manager Roy Matherly, who volunteered his time for the mailing, shared why RTF is important to him: “The Red Tab Foundation creates a sense of community among all Levi Strauss employees, and it provides a great service for those in need. As a DM, it is extremely rewarding to know we have this resource. I know firsthand of an employee who was helped by The Red Tab Foundation this year and was blown away by the support that was given.”

    Volunteering goes a long way here at LS&Co. The district managers’ participation not only saved the Red Tab Foundation mailroom fees but also resulted in a company-sponsored team grant to RTF because of the hours they donated to the cause.

    Thank you, district managers! The Red Tab Foundation community appreciates your support.

    Want to get involved with the Red Tab Foundation or put together a team volunteer event in your community? Email us to find out how.

     Did you know? The Red Tab Foundation is one of two foundations at Levi Strauss & Co. The Red Tab Foundation helps employees and retirees who face unexpected financial emergencies. The Levi Strauss Foundation strengthens communities where employees and factory workers live and work. Both help bring our company values to life. Read more here.
  • Switzerland Gets Creative for Red Tab

    July 24, 2014

    Looking for an easy and resourceful way to support the Red Tab Foundation (RTF)? Take a page from our colleagues in Switzerland. Earlier this year, seven employees from our sales office in Wettingen got together to rework mutilated samples in a creative and philanthropic way.

    Markus Rindernecht, who recenSwiss teamtly relocated to the Plaza, explains where the inspiration came from: “We usually get non-mutilated samples, but this last season was the first time they all came in with cuts,” he said. “The order was to destroy all samples after the sales period. We wanted to be resourceful, so we decided our team could create a product to benefit the Red Tab Foundation.”

    For a team that’s focused on selling our product, not making it, this was a fun opportunity to get creative. They designed and manufactured denim pouches for iPhones and iPads and sold them at the European sales launch, raising US $600 for RTF.

    After a matching gift from the Levi Strauss Foundation and a grant from LS&Co. for the volunteer hours put forth by the team in Switzerland, more than US $1,500 will go to RTF. A little extra effort can go a REALLY long way here at LS&Co.

    Markus summed it up nicely: “Just think for a second about how good it feels to get help from someone when you are in need. And now think about how it feels to get help from family. The Red Tab Foundation is your second family.”

    Thank you to theSwiss handoff employees in Switzerland for giving back to the LS&Co. community!

    Interested in getting involved with the Red Tab Foundation? Email us for opportunities all around the globe.  This is how we help each other.

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