Success Stories

Major: Business/Marketing : USA

Major: Business/Marketing


Thank you, I appreciate this generous contribution as an investment in furthering my education. I understand there were many other students who applied. I am honored that you have chosen me.

Major: Mechanical Engineering : India

Major: Mechanical Engineering


My father is coming to the end of 20 years of service at Levi Strauss & Co. and this scholarship will definitely prove to be truly inspirational for me and an achievement my father can take pride in.

Major: Civil Engineering : Philippines

Major: Civil Engineering


I have graduated from college with a degree in BS Civil Engineering. It is indeed a great relief for our family’s budget that you gave me a scholarship grant.

Major: Nursing : Philippines

Major: Nursing


I came to realize that without your help, I would not have been able to achieve my goals in life, that is: to pursue my studies and to become a successful RN. With your support, I’ve gone this far!

Major: Music/Opera : Hungary

Major: Music/Opera


I hope the Red Tab Foundation can take pride in my achievements later and I can return their help.

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