WLT Challenge Surpasses Goal

December 15, 2016


The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) is inspired by all LS&Co. employees who participated in this year’s WLT Challenge, once again helping us exceed our goal by a wide margin. We are so proud to work at a company where employees truly care for one another’s well-being — every dollar donated to RTF goes directly to help employees and retirees experiencing unexpected financial emergencies.

During this fall’s four-week campaign, 1,209 employees worldwide raised $222,000, surpassing our goal by more than $11,000. It was especially heartening to see WLT members lead by example, issuing their most ambitious challenge matches in the history of the company.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s WLT Challenge:

  • RTF had a 35th anniversary celebration that included a “Heart to Heart” talk with Pete Haas and other board members.

  • LSA leveraged their Sales Launch to start the campaign off with a bang.

  • The Merch team organized a number of kiosk activities with a percentage of sales donated to RTF.

  • AMA hosted its second annual Run for Red Tab Singapore and raised more than $20,000, beating last year by $5,000.

  • Global Brands raised $60,000 — almost double the dollar amount brought in by any other organization.

  • In honor of RTF’s 35th anniversary, Eureka designed limited edition RTF jeans for a number of lucky raffle winners.

  • GSC finished with more donors than any other organization.

  • Corporate Affairs had 100% team participation for the second year running.

  • IT raised more than $6,000 with two awesome employee events: Oktoberfest and Diwali.

  • The Red Tab Sample Sale in San Francisco raised more than $26,000, while Creative Services, the L.A. Sales Office, Singapore, Japan and Brussels all independently organized various sales to raise more than $45,000.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign. Whether you gave via a payroll deduction or one-time donation, or volunteered your time at a sample sale or Red Tab run, you banded together with fellow members of the LS&Co. community to make this our most successful employee campaign yet.

Making your impact go even further, in many cases donations were matched by your WLT member, the Levi Strauss Foundation and the Pete Haas & Chip Bergh $150,000 Challenge.

We are grateful for your commitment to the Red Tab Foundation and for supporting our mission of assisting employees, retirees and their families facing unexpected emergencies.

Did you know? As one of the earliest employee assistance funds in existence, the Red Tab Foundation has given out more than 19,000 grants totaling more than $17 million since we started in 1981.

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