At the Red Tab Foundation we believe that no Levi Strauss & Co. employee or retiree should be without a financial safety net.  Every day we alleviate worry and provide critical aid to coworkers and colleagues who are suffering through unexpected emergencies.  Without us, every year almost 1000 individuals and their families would be at risk of not meeting the basic necessities of life.   We also provide education and proactive programs to help individuals maintain their financial health.

Our work is funded by the generosity of employees and retirees worldwide, descendants of Levi Strauss and other company shareholders.  Although we receive some help from Levi Strauss & Co., as a non-profit the Red Tab Foundation is primarily supported by donations from individuals.

Imagine having to make choices between buying medicine or putting food on the table.  Right now there are members of our community who are forced to make difficult choices like this as the result of a crisis.  This is why people like you are so important.  Your contributions help us alleviate worry and provide hope.  DONATE HERE.

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