Run for Red Tab 2017: A New Global Record

May 1, 2017

Every summer, hundreds of LS&Co. employees Run for Red Tab Foundation at races in Brussels, Cape Town, San Francisco, and Singapore. By literally pounding the pavement, this year’s participants brought in over $50,000 to provide hope for members of the LS&Co. community facing financial emergencies. And now our bottoms look that much better in a pair of 501s – fitness for a cause sure feels good. To all the runners and donors – thank you for your support!

San Francisco’s Market Street Flagship Store Assistant Manager Victor Cerda Guzman led a team of runners from his location. He had a lot of great things to say about the experience:

“This was my first year at Run for Red Tab, as both a participant and a team leader. I wanted the flagship store to be represented in a big way. I planned for months in advance to organize with my peers. I was in charge of motivating all the runners at our store. Instead of picking different race legs, we decided to all do the 5k together and came up with a team motto: ‘It’s not who finishes first– It’s finishing as a team that matters.’ Driven by this motto, we really enjoyed running the event together. Everyone wants do it again.

Personally, I think the Red Tab Foundation is a great resource that LS&Co. provides to its employees. Employees helping employees is so wonderful as a concept; the fact that we have something to back us up in case anything happens. Most other companies don’t offer that kind of support structure.”

Learn more about what kinds of unexpected emergencies are eligible for Red Tab Foundation assistance and how you can get involved.  You can also view more pictures of the Run for Red Tab San Francisco on our Facebook page.

And remember… it’s never too early to start training for next year’s event! This is how we help each other.

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